Our Team

The backbone of our team form the highly qualified consultants who worked in the largest consulting companies in the country in the past. Consulting and appraisal practices of the Company is headed by Vitaly Biryukov. The key facts about the leader of the team:

  1. 1) MRICS (Member of the Royal Society of Appraisers and Surveyors UK), a member of the Board, the member of the Advisory Board and the member of the evaluation Partnership Council self-regulatory organization of appraisers "Community Assessment Professionals", the member of the working group of the Coordinating Council of self-regulatory organizations of appraisers to develop a federal standard for the valuation of intangible assets experience in the evaluation of 13 years, including experience in leadership positions for 7 years. He has extensive experience of working with banks, government agencies, monopolists of the "Big Four".

  2. As part of a major Russian consulting companies led the project to develop practical guidelines for the evaluation of assets at such projects as RUSNANO, which was prepared into a consortium together with Deloitte (2010-2011 yy..). During preparation of the Practical Guide has been studied and systematized experience contained in more than 100 evaluation reports of various types of assets, issued before the adoption of the Practical Guide. How to be approved by the governing bodies of RUSNANO and approved by the National Council for assessment activities. (here).

  3. 3) Since the beginning of 2011 to August 2012 led the methodological practice of RUSNANO. More than 80 reports have been checked methodologicaly on the evaluation of the RUSNANO project leading by the audit team of the Russian Federation, including the "Big Four" companies.

In addition to our core competency in the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property, our team has considerable practical experience in assessing and consulting in the following areas:

  • assessment of all types of assets for collateral and bank assets;
  • assessment of the major fuel and energy assets protected by the results of the Evaluation Committee under the Board of Directors of RAO UES of the Russian Federation and, later, MRSK Holding";
  • assessment of the state of the property protected in the Federal Agency for State Property Management (FASPM);
  • implementation of large scale projects in the field of town planning advice;
  • assessment for the purposes of IFRS.

At the heart of our business - the professional selection of the best professionals and the creation of high professional culture, which provides the highest quality of services and the level of control at all stages of project implementation and ensure that our customers respect of commitments, quality and deadlines.

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