Our key projects in the last year:

  • Evaluation of Trackpore Technology - the largest producer of medical devices for blood plasma exchange in Russia and the only manufacturer of nanoscal plasmafractionators on track membranes for blood cascade plasmapheresis for the purposes of the transaction with a large stake in the world.
  • Evaluation of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity in the processing of associated petroleum gas (APG), as well as associated equipment model stand.
  • Ranked # 15 brand in the furniture and door hardware, plumbing, equipment for the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, etc., formerly belonging to one of the Russia's largest distributors of the products.
  • Rating the world's largest producer of several types of non-ferrous metals and their alloys and products based on them, with a global market share of about 30% and a turnover of more than billion dollars a year.
  • Evaluation of the company-developer with projects in the southern regions of the Russian Federation with a total budget of more than 70 billion rubles.
  • Evaluation of the project construction of a large (about 200 sq. m.) Mixed-use complex in Moscow.
  • Best-use analysis and evaluation to the alienation of several industrial sites and detached houses vacated largest industrial enterprise in the optimization of production processes (Nizhny Novgorod region).
  • Assessment and business plan for the construction of large cottage settlement in a large Sochi.
  • Evaluation of the company "PET Technology", realizatsyuschey in several subjects of the Russian Federation project to create a modern diagnostic centers that allow for the diagnosis of the combined method of positron emission tomography and computed tomography (PET / CT centers).
  • Evaluation of oil and gas companies and several fields for the purpose of merging the business in accordance with IFRS 3, the coordination with the auditors of the "Big Four"

We specialize in unique and major infrastructure projects. Note that only two of the above projects have a budget of less than 1 billion rubles, The budget / annual turnover remaining projects are from 1 to 70 billion rubles.

Several key projects of the company can not be disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.

Last Events

  • 04 September 2020

    Silver Bridge вошла в ТОП-10 и в ТОП-100 оценочных компаний по итогам 2019 года

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  • 13 August 2020

    Промсвязьбанк аккредитовал Сильвер Бридж Консалт

    ПАО "Промсвязьбанк" аккредитовал "Сильвер Бридж Консалт" как делового партнера в области оценочной деятель...> Read more...