SILVER BRIDGE representatives joined Dubna Nanocenter Investment Committee

General Director of "Silver Bridge Consult" Vitaly Biryukov became a member of the Investment Committee of "International Innovative Nanotechnology Center" (Nanotechnology Center "Dubna").

The Nanotechnology Center "Dubna" combines the functions of incubation, providing a flexible technology platform and seed funding.

Nanocenter "Dubna" was created in 2010, among its members - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Concern "RTI Systems" and a major system integrator "IT". The amount of funding the center - one billion rubles. The maximum investment in a single project - 150 million rubles. with the expected return of 3-5 years.

Main areas:

  • Functional coatings and new materials
  • New energy (energy storage systems, energy sources, etc.)
  • Radiation-ion technology
  • Applied Biotechnology (veterinary medicine, with a / c, medicine, etc.)
  • Information Technology


Nanocentre mission is to commercialize nanotechnology developments in Russia and the CIS and progressive integration into the global innovation system.